Hit The Road Love Weddings! Our experience, professionalism and more importantly the fact that we love what we do enable us to make your event a fun, entertaining and enjoyable experience for all involved.

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Essential Wedding Services

Our standard service includes all the essentials you'll need for an amazing party. It's designed to minimise costs by including everything you'll need for a 'normal' size wedding or party, it includes:

  • 2 x 1 hour sets of live music
  • A Professional PA system
  • Lighting for both the stage and a normal function room dancefloor
  • A set crafted of music from the 50’s to the present day to ensure your guests dance all night long
  • Music before, in between and after our sets up until midnight
  • Perform your first dance song from our existing repertoire


Additional Options

Hit The Road also offer upgradable options for extra special weddings:

  • 5 piece band - Add Saxophone or Keyboards
  • 6 piece band – Add Saxophone and Keyboards
  • 8 piece band – add keyboards and a 3 piece brass section
  • Acoustic vintage soul set
  • 1AM Finish
  • Early arrival/set up (pre-5pm)
  • Solo Piano and vocals
  • Solo Jazz Guitar
  • Jazz duo (Guitar and Double Bass)
  • Jazz trio (Guitar, Double Bass and drums)
  • DJ service
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email


What We'll Do At Your Wedding

Arrival, set up and soundcheck

We’ll arrive well in time to set up for your event. Hit The Road will set up as quickly and unobtrusively as we can. We will need a quick soundcheck to ensure a great sound for your event. This will be at full volume, if your guests are in the same room this will be noticeable but most guests find this entertaining. If you’d rather we set up before your guests arrive talk to us about early set up options.

After set up & soundcheck

After set up Hit The Road will play music through the PA system, we normally start off with a more mellow playlist ready to transition into your first set. We can also make any key announcements e.g cake cutting or first dances.

1st Dance, 1st Live set & break

We’ll do our best to perform your first dance. With enough notice we can perform most songs. If you’d prefer to have the original recording played we can arrange for that too.

We’ll announce the cake cutting, then introduce you onto the dancefloor and encourage all of your guests to gather round. If required we’ll then encourage the rests of your guests to join you on the dancefloor.

We normally start our first set straight after the first dance . Hit The Road normally play 2 x 1 hour sets, but we can split this into 3 x 40 minute sets if you’d prefer. We cater the set timings around your event and we’ll always try and avoid playing while food is being served (unless you’ve booked musicians to play during your meal). We can play an acoustic vintage soul first set to warm up the guests if you’d prefer.

2nd live set & end of the night

At Your Wedding – 2nd live set & end of the night If your event includes evening food we’ll start our second set once people have finished eating. We’ll play a lively energetic set to keep your guests dancing all night long.

Once we’ve finished playing we’ll play music through the PA system whilst we discretely pack away our instruments. If you’ve booked our DJ option we’ll play upbeat music and encourage your guests to remain on the dancefloor.


See our weddings and corporate pages for details on what our service we offer for those specific events.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our agents at Alive Network on, 0845 108 5500, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.